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Car Buyer Services

In the market for a used car but worried about:

·Finding the time to look through hundreds of car listings, calling sellers, and going to used car lots?

·Choosing a reliable make, model, and year?

·Buying a “lemon", or a car that is found to have numerous issues after it is bought?

·Getting ripped off and not getting the best deal for your money?

·Haggling with used car salesmen?

·Having to meet with private owners?

Then Hire A Personal Car Buyer

Nanchez Auto Services Personal Car Buyer Service is a consumer driven, independently owned and operated auto broker business who works for you, the car buyer. Never the seller. 

Through an interview process, I will share my 30+ years of experience with cars to help you to make an informed decision about car buying.  We will work together to:

·Determine the best car for your needs that fits your budget and life style.

·Discuss which car options are “must haves” and which are “can live withouts”.

·Answer any questions you may have about car reliability, maintenance, or anything else you could want to know before buying a car.

I can also accompany you on a test drive of the car to make sure it runs smoothly, and perform an on site inspection to make sure that you get your money's worth and then some.

Finally, sit back, relax and leave the researching, calling, test driving, haggling, and inspecting to me! 

At Nanchez Auto Service’s Repair Shop, an experienced technician will perform a thorough inspection and will offer suggestions and recommendations in an easy to understand manner. For an additional cost, Nanchez Auto Service will service and maintain your car for its lifetime. 

        Nanchez Auto Service Personal Car Buyer                                   301-213-8283

                  "Let My Work Speak For Itself"